Solar Panel Installation in Chicagoland, IL

Harness solar energy to cut your electric bill

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy source. Home solar energy systems are green, non-polluting, and universally available. Even better, it’s also more affordable than ever thanks to advances in PV technology which have brought down the price of solar cells. Local and Federal incentive programs simply sweeten the deal even further.

Krumwiede Home Pros can help you decide if a solar photovoltaic system is right for you and provide a hassle-free installation. Contact us today for free estimates on solar panel systems in Chicagoland, IL!

How do residential solar photovoltaic systems work?

Here’s how the regular “grid-connected” solar PV system works:

  1. The solar system gets mounted on a southern-facing roof slope or on the ground in maximum sunlight. If necessary trees are trimmed to make sure the panels receive consistent sunlight.
  2. Solar cells take sunlight and turn it into DC current which gets converted to AC current by an inverter.
  3. The newly converted AC current then gets fed through an electric meter (just like the electricity produced by the power company) and is ready for use throughout your home!
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Increase a home’s electricity output and make it more energy-efficient with solar power!

Solar PV systems provide enormous value for the home by generating free electricity from the sun’s natural power. Not only can this electricity power your home, but it can also be sold back to the electric utility during your home’s lowest-demand times. Thanks to net metering regulations the electric utility must purchase this surplus. This could lower your electric bill between 40%-80%!

We haven’t even covered the best part yet! Solar PV systems are nearly maintenance-free! This means your solar panels will continue providing you with savings for 25 years or more!

Are you curious how you can start saving energy and money with a solar photovoltaic system upgrade?

Call 630-595-8020 or contact us online to schedule a free solar photovoltaic system estimate and see if a home solar-powered system is best for your residence. We offer solar services throughout all of Chicagoland, IL including Addison, Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Elk Grove, Elmhurst, Franklin Park, Hoffman Estates, Inverness, Joliet, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Long Grove, Melrose Park, Palatine, Schaumburg, Streamwood, and more!

Installation Matters

It doesn’t matter how good the solar PV materials are if they aren’t installed the right way. 

That’s why Krumwiede Home Pros has invested more to hire and retain top-quality installers.

  • We pay a good rate to attract the top-quality installers (and you’ll never see us in the parking lot of a home improvement store picking up temporary laborers – an unfortunate practice in the roofing and solar industry).
  • Our installers are well-trained and use the recommended best practices as outlined by the manufacturer.
  • Our guys don’t show up in torn jeans and a dirty hoodie. Our team is professional and respect themselves and our customers. 

We’re The Award-Winning, A+ Rated Solar Installation Company In The Chicagoland Suburbs

If you want reliable excellence, Krumwiede Home Pros is the answer – and we’ve got the facts to prove it:

  • A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Hundreds of 5-Star reviews online
  • 68+ Years In Business
  • On multiple lists as a top contractor nationwide, including the Top 500 & Big 50
  • Have received several ‘Best Pick’ awards for our elite quality – those are hard to earn!

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Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
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Job was done very professionally and accurate. All reps from Krumwiede were courteous & professional. Thanks so much and will contact Krumwiede for future projects!
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
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