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How To Avoid Major Roof Replacement Headaches

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There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars to replace your roof, only for it to have leaks and problems in just a few short years.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can get a lifetime roof when you choose the right roofing company in the Chicagoland suburbs.

The 4 Things You Must Get Right To Avoid Roof Replacement Headaches

A poorly done roof replacement will lead to problems later – it’s not a matter of if, but when. But get these 4 things right and you can have a replacement roof that lasts for as long as you’re in your home.

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#1 – Go Deeper Than Just The Shingles
Homeowners tend to focus only on the quality of the shingles when replacing a roof. Since this is the visible part of the roof, it’s understandable that would be the center of attention. Shingle quality is important, but the other roof components are just as important.
For example, some roof companies fail to use starter strips on the hip and ridge of your roof. Instead, they use regular shingles on this key area. One good wind can easily lift these improperly installed shingles.
In our experience, many roofers take this and other kinds of shortcuts. They figure, “you can’t see it, so we’ll just roll the dice and save on costs.”
At Krumwiede Home Pros, we don’t believe in rolling the dice when it comes to replacement roofs. Our roofs are a system made up of best-quality materials specifically designed to work together. We never use a bunch of random roof components thrown together just because it’s cheaper.

#2 – Poor Installation Means A New Roof WILL Fail
A roof is not just a bunch of shingles nailed to the top of your home. It should be a complete system with every component designed to work hand-in-glove with each other to protect your roof for decade after decade.
That’s why installation is so important. If a roofing contractor assembles a random crew of temporary laborers who’s only qualification is the ability to drive a nail into a shingle, that’s a problem.
Of course, you probably won’t even know it’s a problem at first. Since most roof leaks take 2 years to penetrate your roof and cause dripping in your attic or home, you often don’t know about poor installation until the leak becomes obvious.
We’ve seen it happen enough times to say that a poorly installed roof WILL fail – it’s just a matter of time.
At Krumwiede Home Pros we never use temporary, unskilled laborers. Our crews work full-time; they are true roofing experts recommended by CertainTeed, and they know the exact steps to put together a leak-free, well-ventilated roof that lasts for as long as you’re in your home.

#3 – Does Your Contractor Respect You And Your Property?
You can tell A LOT by how a roofing company acts during your new roof installation. Many are fine with leaving debris in your yard and trampling through your landscaping.
It’s not even that they are doing these things deliberately… it’s that they don’t even think about how careless they are being!
We’re different. Your entire roofing installation project is professionally managed from start to finish with great communication and total respect for you and your property.
Not only do we haul away all debris and take special care with your landscaping, we also use a magnetic roller in your yard to pick up nails that may have fallen from the roof.

#4 – Make Sure Your Warranty Is Real
Did you know that most roofing warranties aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on?
First, there are so many loopholes, exclusions, and exceptions that you’ll be lucky to get a roofing warranty claim honored at all.
Second, even if the claim is honored, the coverage on most “lifetime” roof warranties is pro-rated, meaning the percentage of a warranty claim that will be covered rapidly declines over time.
And third, most roofing companies offer little to no workmanship warranty, meaning you’ll be stuck with labor charges. Not to mention that most roofing contracting businesses fail in 5 years or less, making it unlikely you’d get help from them anyway.
Krumwiede Home Pros takes a different approach – we give you a full Lifetime Warranty that covers both the products and workmanship.
If there’s a problem with a roof installed by us, we want you to call us. For as long as you’re in your home, everything is 100% covered, including parts and labor. Your service call, including trip charge, parts, and labor, will always be $0.00.
The ONLY exception would be the less likely case where Mother Nature does the damage from a major storm or anything else where an insurance claim is the appropriate remedy. Other than that, we’ll handle it.
We stand behind what we install – PERIOD. Our 68+ years in business and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is your peace of mind that you are dealing with an honest, professional roofer in the Chicagoland suburbs.

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