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The Most Expensive Roof Replacement

Is The One You Pay For Twice.

We Have The Best Roof Warranty In The Chicagoland Suburbs

Since many roofing “companies” are just a guy, his truck, and some temporary laborers, there’s no shortage of contractors out there telling you they’ll replace your roof on the cheap.

But here’s what these roofers DON’T tell you:

  • That they’ll sell you on a decent shingle, and then skimp with all the other roof parts and components. (And all those other roof parts are crucial for the long-term health of a roof).
  • That they’ll cut costs by using temporary, unskilled laborers. (Instead of having a team of full-time, well-trained roof installers that they would have to pay more).
  • That their warranty won’t cover workmanship errors and that the manufacturer will void a roof warranty if installation was sub-standard.
  • That most of them will be out of business in 5 years or less, leaving you with no one to call when your roof starts leaking.

Does all that sound like a “worst-case scenario” that rarely happens? Actually, it’s WAY too common.

And that’s too bad, because it means homeowners have to replace their roof again, sometimes in just a few years. It’s why we often say: “The most expensive roof replacement is the one you have to pay for twice.”

Our ‘NO B.S.’ Lifetime Warranty Guarantees You Only Pay Once—PERIOD.

We’ll say it boldly: you won’t find a better roof warranty in the Chicagoland suburbs than the one offered by Krumwiede Home Pros.

For as long as you live in your home, everything is 100% covered, including parts and labor. Your service call, including trip charge, parts, and labor, will always be $0.00. 

The ONLY exception would be the rare case where Mother Nature does the damage from a storm or anything else where an insurance claim is the appropriate remedy. Other than that, we’ll handle it.

Here’s some more details…

  • We cover all our workmanship for as long as you’re in your home. This is almost unheard of in roofing. Most roofing contractors in the Chicagoland suburbs offer either no labor protection or for a very limited time. 
  • The roofing products are manufactured by CertainTeed and come with excellent manufacturer warranties. We work with CertainTeed if there’s a warranty claim – we won’t put you in the middle of a dispute – we’ll fix your problem and handle it with the manufacturer on our end. 
  • Krumwiede Home Pros has been around for 68+ years – you can count on us to be here for you when you call.

We know what you’re probably thinking…

How can we afford to give this kind of warranty protection on a roof when no one else is doing it?

There are three big reasons we can do it:

  • We know the quality of our materials and our installation. When a roof is installed the right way, and using the right materials, it will last a long, long time. We do things the right way and problems with our roofs are rare.
  • We have built a top-quality team and have the resources to respond to service requests.
  • We want to earn your business for other products and services. We offer replacement windows, siding, doors, and cabinet re-styling. When you know you can trust us after getting your roof replaced, we hope you’ll call us when you need other work done. 

Which Kind Of Homeowner Are You?

We typically find that most homeowners fall into 2 broad categories when it comes to roof replacement:

  • Some homeowners just want to get it done for the lowest possible upfront price and they’ll worry about another roof replacement if and when it happens.
  • Other homeowners prefer to invest in a roof replacement one time and then never have to worry about doing it again. They prefer the security of a best-quality roof protecting their home and don’t mind investing a bit more upfront to save on roof costs later.

We’re not a good fit for the first kind of homeowner. We’re the exact right roofing company for the second kind of homeowner.

Why We Don’t Do Roof Insurance Claims Work Anymore

As a company, Krumwiede Home Pros no longer does roof insurance claim work. 

For one, we have found that too many roofing companies try to “drum up” business by using questionable tactics involving doubtful insurance claims. A roof that is old and leaking is typically not a legitimate insurance matter and the misleading tactics of some roofing companies is not something we want to be associated with.

The other reason we don’t become involved is that insurance companies often want to pay a lot less than it takes to get a roof in top-quality shape. They will only pay for the “depreciated value” of your roof (similar to how auto insurance works – the older the car, the less value they assign it). But this is a terrible idea for roofs – you can’t repair or replace a roof on the cheap unless you’re okay with shortcuts. We’re not okay with shortcuts.

Installation Matters

It doesn’t matter how good roofing materials are if they aren’t installed the right way. 

That’s why Krumwiede Home Pros has invested more to hire and retain top-quality installers.

  • We pay a good rate to attract the top-quality installers (and you’ll never see us in the parking lot of a home improvement store picking up temporary laborers – an unfortunate practice in the roofing industry).
  • Our installers are well-trained and use the recommended best practices as outlined by the manufacturer.
  • Our guys don’t show up in torn jeans and a dirty hoodie. Our team is professional and respect themselves and our customers. 

To discover more about what makes us different from ordinary roofing contractors, visit our Roofing Installation page.

How To Avoid A ‘Frankenstein’ Roof

Many roofing contractors in the Chicagoland suburbs sell ‘Frankenstein’ roofs. 

This is the kind of roof where the components come from all different manufacturers. The goal is to throw together the cheapest combination of roof parts and then cover it all up with half-decent shingles.

So instead of a well-integrated roof system with all components coming from a single top-quality manufacturer, you get a ‘Frankenstein’ roof of random components.

Here’s an example. Underlayment is an important component of your roof, even if you can’t see it. Many roofers choose to cut costs by continuing to use outdated black felt underlayment that easily tears and attracts heat – and then stays hot. Too much heat is terrible for the long-term health of your roof.

Krumwiede Home Pros uses a tear-resistant, light-gray, breathable underlayment. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it because it keeps your roof cooler and helps it last longer.

We do this for each and every roof component – we always choose the best products from the best roofing manufacturer, CertainTeed. Every component is specifically designed to work together as a system to protect your most important asset.

The superb CertainTeed materials + our elite-quality installation = a lifetime roof. It’s exactly why we can confidently extend our ‘No B.S.’ Lifetime Warranty to you.

Bad Ventilation = Bad Roof

Did you know one of the most important things for the long term-health of your roof is proper ventilation?

Well, in our experience, the mediocre roofers don’t seem to know that either!

But it’s really true: poor ventilation is very bad for the long-term health of your roof, yet somehow many roofing companies in the Chicagoland suburbs don’t understand proper ventilation principles.

Poor ventilation causes these problems:

  • Greatly decreases your home’s energy efficiency
  • The stagnant and moist air trapped in your attic mean mold, rot, swelling, and roof buckling
  • Increases likelihood of ice damming

We install a total roof system that makes proper ventilation the priority it should be. Our placement of ventilation near the bottom of the attic space at the soffits or eaves (intake), and at the top peaks, or ridges, of your attic space (exhaust) means you get a roof that breathes and therefore stays healthy and durable.

We’re The Award-Winning, A+ Rated Roofing Company In The Chicagoland Suburbs

If you want reliable excellence, Krumwiede Home Pros is the answer – and we’ve got the facts to prove it:

  • A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Hundreds of 5-Star reviews online
  • 68+ Years In Business
  • On multiple lists as a top contractor nationwide, including the Top 500 & Big 50
  • Have received several ‘Best Pick’ awards for our elite quality – those are hard to earn!

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Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
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