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When it comes time for replacement windows, many homeowners don’t consider picture windows as readily as other window types because they don’t open. But we at Krumwiede are here to tell you that these windows can actually suit your home perfectly if placed right, and they can also add elements to your home that other windows can’t. These larger-than-life windows can:

Make a great investment – Picture windows have no moving parts to wear out over time, which means they won’t require replacement or repair nearly as frequently as some other window types.

Bring the outdoors in – Skip a big piece of art and opt for a big window instead. These windows can help create a seamlessness between your home and nature that’ll feel good for the soul.

Increase natural light – Studies have shown a link between mental health and natural light, which means that increasing light in your home could have positive effects on your mood.

Besides these benefits, picture windows could even lower your heating costs in the winter by allowing additional warm sunlight into your home.

Picture Window

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We’re proud to offer windows by top-notch manufacturers. Our windows feature multiple color and finish options, a plethora of hardware choices to suit every homeowner’s style, and superb energy efficiency. Plus, you can choose from gorgeous wood or durable vinyl frames for your new windows. Paired with our expert installation, you’ll enjoy your new, top-quality windows for years.

A Real Lifetime Warranty

We give you a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on every window we install. You can’t get more peace of mind than that!

Choosing Krumwiede Home Pros is the smart choice because:

  • We keep our promises – that’s why we’ve been in business for 68+ years.
  • Homeowners love us – check out our online reviews.
  • We’re an award-winning company, including multiple ‘Best Picks’ awards

Why not go with a proven choice to install beautiful picture windows on your home? Reach out to us for a free quote.

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Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
Ken Beazley
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Job was done very professionally and accurate. All reps from Krumwiede were courteous & professional. Thanks so much and will contact Krumwiede for future projects!
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
Michael Schulz
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Krumwiede Home Pros completed such a great job with my kitchen cabinets and if anyone ever asked me, I would be happy to recommend them as they were fantastic.
Jeremey O'Neil
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