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With Krumwiede, The Quality Of Your Window Installation Is GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME.

We Warranty Our Workmanship For As Long As You’re In Your Home – PERIOD.

When it comes to the quality of our installation, we could tell you we have the best-qualified team of any window company in the Chicagoland suburbs.  And we could tell you how we adhere to the highest window installation standards, giving your windows a precise fit to eliminate drafts and leaking windows.

We could add that our installers are polite, friendly, and leave the job site cleaner than they found it.  And that’s all 100% true. But as the old saying goes: Talk. Is. Cheap. When it comes to installation and workmanship, the real question is this: WHAT IS A WINDOW COMPANY WILLING TO GUARANTEE?


What Most Chicagoland Suburbs Window Companies Won’t Tell You

Here’s something homeowners should know but aren’t often told. Most warranties on new replacement windows do NOT cover issues that happen because of poor installation. The warranty on the window is from the manufacturer and typically only covers the product itself. Defects due to workmanship or sloppy installation are not covered by the manufacturer warranty in most cases. Even worse, incorrect installation can actually VOID part or all of the manufacturer’s warranty. The solution is to find a company that guarantees your installation by adding in their own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty to supplement the product warranty. 

Solutions That Aren’t Solutions

You’ll sometimes have partial Workmanship/Labor Warranties offered to you. Things like:

The 1- or 2-Year Labor Warranty
This is just what it sounds like – some window installation companies in the Chicagoland suburbs will guarantee their workmanship for 1 or 2 years. Better than nothing, but why would you EVER have to pay for the mistakes the company made, no matter how long ago it happened?
The ‘You’re Sort of Covered’ Labor Warranty
Sometimes you’ll be given a warranty where workmanship is partially covered under certain circumstances. Or up to a certain amount. Again, better than nothing, but not exactly the full guarantee you should be entitled to.
The Taillight Warranty
This is where the coverage for any workmanship issues lasts as long as you can see the installers taillight as he pulls away from your home!

The End Of Finger-Pointing: How We Handle ANY Problem With A Window That We Installed

We’re different. Here’s our guarantee on installation and workmanship issues: For as long as you live in your home, Krumwiede Home Pro guarantees everything related to our workmanship and installation for a lifetime. We’ll fix it and cover all the costs – 100%. And by the way, THE WINDOW ITSELF IS ALSO COVERED BY A LIFETIME WARRANTY, too. This part of the warranty is from the manufacturer, but we’ve committed to helping resolve any problem involving a product defect, too.

This means when you call us about any problem with a window we’ve installed, we respond and determine whether it’s a workmanship issue or a product defect. But whichever it is, we handle it. If it is an issue with the product, we’ll work with the manufacturer on our end to resolve it without a bunch of headaches for you. 

This is the exact opposite of how most window replacement contractors work with manufacturers. Most warranty issues turn into the ‘Blame Game’ – finger pointing between the installer and the manufacturer. And the homeowner is stuck in the middle. We eliminate all finger pointing. If we installed your windows, call us if there’s an issue and we’ll make it right. You’re covered for as long as you’re in your home – we even replace broken glass!

How Can We Offer This Kind Of Protection?

Sometimes homeowners are skeptical about our Lifetime Warranty – how can we offer this complete kind of protection? The reason we can do it is this: we are sure of the quality of our installations and the quality of the windows we install. If we weren’t – if there were constant problems – we would soon be out of business from having to respond to constant service calls.  In other words, because issues are rare with our installation, we’re able to make these promises and keep them.

One Other Thing To Consider About Guaranteed Installation

If you have any problems with your windows in the future – related to installation or otherwise – you want a local company you can call on to make it right. But there’s one catch: your window company still has to be in business, or there is no one to call!

If they’re out of business, you’ve got a huge hassle trying to find the manufacturer to ask for help. And even if you reach them, they will often make it too hard to make a successful claim. You’ll be plain out of luck and on your own dime to make things right. That’s why another great question to ask any window company in Chicagoland suburbs is: “How long have you been in business?” 

At Krumwiede Home Pros, our answer is we’ve been in business for 68+ years. Even better, we’ve never been stronger – the next generation of family leadership is in charge and we plan on being around for a long, long time.  You’ll like having a rock-solid, financially stable, totally reliable window company on your side.

Happy Customers
Some Kind Words from a Few Recent Clients
Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
Ken Beazley
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Job was done very professionally and accurate. All reps from Krumwiede were courteous & professional. Thanks so much and will contact Krumwiede for future projects!
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
Michael Schulz
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Krumwiede Home Pros completed such a great job with my kitchen cabinets and if anyone ever asked me, I would be happy to recommend them as they were fantastic.
Jeremey O'Neil
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