Why We Don’t Do Roof Repairs

Why We Won’t Waste Your Time With Roof Repairs

Because Chicagoland Homeowners Deserve Better From Our Industry

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A Chicagoland roofing contractor can make good money doing nothing but repair work all Spring, Summer, and Fall. Then, they can rest up through the winter and start it all back up in the spring. So why don’t we do roof repairs? Well, we’ll tell you all about it.

Anatomy Of A Roof Repair

Homeowners call in for roof repairs for one of two reasons: either there’s a leak, or there’s storm damage. Pretty much anything else that goes on with a roof will pass under most homeowner’s radar. If circumstances don’t force your hand, it’s a safe bet you never think about your roof.

So, if someone calls about their roof, it’s guaranteed that they have a real problem that needs attention. We understand that; we just don’t think repairs are cost-effective.

How Roofs Fail

Roof failures can show themselves in many different ways, but the symptom is always the same. “Hey, there’s a leak over here,” is the clarion call to all roof repair contractors. It’s exceedingly rare to get called for any other issue.

Leaks can occur from leaky flashing, opened seams, lifted shingles, structural weakening, and so on. You can list 100 different sources, but if your roof is younger than 15 years, they all come down to one cause – shoddy installation practices.

The original installer could have mixed brands, gone cheap on the materials, cut corners on the underlayment, or just plain didn’t use enough nails. It doesn’t matter what he did; it matters that he did something he shouldn’t have. And now your roof is leaking long before it should be showing any problems.

And that’s the thing; the younger the roof is, the more interested homeowners are in finding a way to repair it. But, with roofs, that’s skewed logic.

Earlier Fails = Bigger Problems

Consider what should happen with a properly installed roof system. It sits there for 15-30+ years, depending on the quality, and protects your home until you notice it’s looking worn down and you have it replaced. Notice, the word leak wasn’t in there at all, not even at the end. A properly installed and maintained roof should NEVER leak, even when its time is over.

So when a 12-year-old roof starts leaking, it’s guaranteed that somebody messed up something during the installation. So when an 8-year-old roof starts leaking, it means the installation process was exceptionally poor.

If you give it some thought, you’ll realize that the younger a roof is when it fails, the more important it is to rip it off and start over. Early failures mean big problems, and repairing a poorly installed roof (and that’s every non-storm-related failure) is a lot like a combover when you’re 20. It might make you feel better, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

How Poor Roof Installation Will Haunt You

There’s a lot more to your roof than the shingles sitting on top. There are multiple layers of underlayment (unless there aren’t) to help prevent leaks and water damage to the roof system. There is meticulously laid flashing (unless it wasn’t) anywhere the plane of your roof meets an obstacle. And there are drip edges (or maybe not) installed at the gutters to keep water from backing up under the shingles.

There’s a long list of roofing materials that are rarely discussed but are part of every installation (unless they were left out to save on cost) that can’t be installed after the fact. Unfortunately, these are also the items that unscrupulous roofing contractors will either go cheap on or leave out in order to save a buck.

Besides, when your roof fails in 7 years, they’ll be operating under a new name and impossible to find. So you call someone else, and they agree to repair your roof. But how do you fix the fact that the entire roof was built with substandard practices? It can’t be done. So you have to call them again next year. And the next. Until you’ve spent enough to have replaced the roof in the first place.

Living Up To Our Word

Every roof we build comes with a workmanship warranty that lasts as long as the warranty on the product. If you buy a 30-year roof, get a 30-year workmanship guarantee, too. Since the industry standard for workmanship warranties is anywhere between five minutes and two years, we’re proud of our willingness to stand behind our work.

But having these lengthy warranties has instilled in us an inability to do things halfway. After all, we don’t treat our warranties as a dare; they’re our promise to you that we do things the right way. With that in mind, we have no interest in stringing along some poor homeowner with repair after repair when what they really need is a new roof.

Now, if we come out and see that your roof is fine, we’ll tell you that, too. We don’t sell roofs to people who don’t need them. But we also won’t sell repairs when we know they won’t solve the real problem, and piecemeal repairs will never solve the real problem.

If you are going to give us your hard-earned money, then we want to give you back something that we can promise will work for you for the next 15-30 years. Anything else just feels wrong.

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your roof, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote.

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