How Much Should Online Reviews Matter

How Much Should Online Reviews Matter When Choosing A Chicagoland Suburbs Home Improvement Company?

In the bad old days of home improvement, a home remodeling company could get away with poor service and lousy results and still tell homeowners that they have “good service and quality products.”

But over the last decade or so, the playing field has leveled, and homeowners can check online reviews to find out how customers REALLY FEEL about a company.

Online reviews can be a great source of independent information and we highly recommend checking them out before hiring any contractor serving the Chicagoland suburbs.


It’s Also Important To Check How Many Reviews A Company Has

There is a ‘catch’ with online reviews, however. To trust them, we recommend there be at least 50. 100+ is even better.

This is because when there are fewer reviews, it’s harder to know if the information is real. If a company has 5 reviews, maybe they were posted by an uncle, 3 friends, and the owner. That’s not going to give you a true picture.

It also prevents you from getting a negative picture that may not be warranted. A small handful of bad reviews among 100+ reviews may tell you more about that particular reviewer than the company. 


Common Themes In Our Reviews

We’re pleased to be able to say that we have a terrific track record of reviews online. For example, on Google Reviews we have 135+ reviews and the overwhelming majority our 5-star raves.

We encourage you to read them for yourself and see that there are common themes in our reviews.



Probably the most common word you’ll see in our reviews is professional (or professionalism).

Here are some excerpts:

“They are responsive and professional” – posted by Jennifer Gara on Google Reviews

“They were very professional in going about their work and use quality products” – posted by Tom Poy on Google Reviews

“Everyone is so nice and professional” – posted by Gakie Lynn on Google Reviews

“If you want quality work done by a professional team then you really don’t need to look anywhere else.” – posted by Jim Byerly on Google Reviews

Quality Of The Products

Customers also tell us again and again that they appreciate the lifetime products we install.

Here are some excerpts:

“Every job they did was highest quality products and service” – posted by Michael Hogervorst on Google Reviews

“Good quality windows and siding at a great price” – posted by Drew Solorio on Google Reviews

“I’m very happy with the new windows and siding. What a difference” – posted by Jim Parenteau on Google Reviews

“The finished project was beautiful!” – posted by Gina Kapinos on Google Reviews

Taking The Time To Deliver Personalized Service 

When you read our reviews, you’ll also see that people often comment on the extra care and attention we bring to the service experience.

Here are some excerpts:

“What I appreciated the most was the time they spent with us on the estimate, they truly helped us by fitting our budget” – posted by Javier Ortiz on Google Reviews

“I cannot express how easy it was to work with the customer service team!” – posted by Ross Hazeltine on Google Reviews

“They couldn’t have been better to work with. I would highly recommend Krumwiede for the value, personalized service, and quality of their work!” – posted by Angelica Stilling on Google Reviews

“Not many businesses care about their customers before, during and after the work like this one does” – posted by Zachary Chislof on Google Reviews.


Other Things You’ll Notice When You Read Our Reviews

  • Watch for how many times people say they would recommend us or have recommended us.
  • You’ll often notice some of our people are named specifically, especially our installers and project managers – people love our team.
  • Look for how many times people are VERY enthusiastic about us – things like this comment posted by Catherine McVey:

“I wish I could rate this company 10 stars! This was EASILY the best experience I have had” – Catherine McVey 


Read The Reviews For Yourself And Compare Us To Others

Keep in mind these are only brief quotes – the full reviews are even better! We encourage you to go to Google Reviews and see how many awesome reviews we have.

And we also recommend you check out any other company you may be considering – it will give you a picture of what kind of experience to expect.

Read our Google Reviews by clicking here.

Want A Free Quote?

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