Why We Don’t Do Roof Repairs

Why We Don’t Do Roof Repairs

Why We Won’t Waste Your Time With Roof Repairs

Because Chicagoland Homeowners Deserve Better From Our Industry

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A Chicagoland roofing contractor can make good money doing nothing but repair work all Spring, Summer, and Fall. Then, they can rest up through the winter and start it all back up in the spring. So why don’t we do roof repairs? Well, we’ll tell you all about it.

Anatomy Of A Roof Repair

Homeowners call in for roof repairs for one of two reasons: either there’s a leak, or there’s storm damage. Pretty much anything else that goes on with a roof will pass under most homeowner’s radar. If circumstances don’t force your hand, it’s a safe bet you never think about your roof.

So, if someone calls about their roof, it’s guaranteed that they have a real problem that needs attention. We understand that; we just don’t think repairs are cost-effective.

How Roofs Fail

Roof failures can show themselves in many different ways, but the symptom is always the same. “Hey, there’s a leak over here,” is the clarion call to all roof repair contractors. It’s exceedingly rare to get called for any other issue.

Leaks can occur from leaky flashing, opened seams, lifted shingles, structural weakening, and so on. You can list 100 different sources, but if your roof is younger than 15 years, they all come down to one cause – shoddy installation practices.

The original installer could have mixed brands, gone cheap on the materials, cut corners on the underlayment, or just plain didn’t use enough nails. It doesn’t matter what he did; it matters that he did something he shouldn’t have. And now your roof is leaking long before it should be showing any problems.

And that’s the thing; the younger the roof is, the more interested homeowners are in finding a way to repair it. But, with roofs, that’s skewed logic.

Earlier Fails = Bigger Problems

Consider what should happen with a properly installed roof system. It sits there for 15-30+ years, depending on the quality, and protects your home until you notice it’s looking worn down and you have it replaced. Notice, the word leak wasn’t in there at all, not even at the end. A properly installed and maintained roof should NEVER leak, even when its time is over.

So when a 12-year-old roof starts leaking, it’s guaranteed that somebody messed up something during the installation. So when an 8-year-old roof starts leaking, it means the installation process was exceptionally poor.

If you give it some thought, you’ll realize that the younger a roof is when it fails, the more important it is to rip it off and start over. Early failures mean big problems, and repairing a poorly installed roof (and that’s every non-storm-related failure) is a lot like a combover when you’re 20. It might make you feel better, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

How Poor Roof Installation Will Haunt You

There’s a lot more to your roof than the shingles sitting on top. There are multiple layers of underlayment (unless there aren’t) to help prevent leaks and water damage to the roof system. There is meticulously laid flashing (unless it wasn’t) anywhere the plane of your roof meets an obstacle. And there are drip edges (or maybe not) installed at the gutters to keep water from backing up under the shingles.

There’s a long list of roofing materials that are rarely discussed but are part of every installation (unless they were left out to save on cost) that can’t be installed after the fact. Unfortunately, these are also the items that unscrupulous roofing contractors will either go cheap on or leave out in order to save a buck.

Besides, when your roof fails in 7 years, they’ll be operating under a new name and impossible to find. So you call someone else, and they agree to repair your roof. But how do you fix the fact that the entire roof was built with substandard practices? It can’t be done. So you have to call them again next year. And the next. Until you’ve spent enough to have replaced the roof in the first place.

Living Up To Our Word

Every roof we build comes with a workmanship warranty that lasts as long as the warranty on the product. If you buy a 30-year roof, get a 30-year workmanship guarantee, too. Since the industry standard for workmanship warranties is anywhere between five minutes and two years, we’re proud of our willingness to stand behind our work.

But having these lengthy warranties has instilled in us an inability to do things halfway. After all, we don’t treat our warranties as a dare; they’re our promise to you that we do things the right way. With that in mind, we have no interest in stringing along some poor homeowner with repair after repair when what they really need is a new roof.

Now, if we come out and see that your roof is fine, we’ll tell you that, too. We don’t sell roofs to people who don’t need them. But we also won’t sell repairs when we know they won’t solve the real problem, and piecemeal repairs will never solve the real problem.

If you are going to give us your hard-earned money, then we want to give you back something that we can promise will work for you for the next 15-30 years. Anything else just feels wrong.

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your roof, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote.

Why Offering A Lifetime Warranty Was An Easy Decision

Offering A Lifetime Warranty Was The Easiest Decision We Ever Made

Scared Lawyer
When most contractors say words like ‘lifetime workmanship warranty,’ their lawyers start flying out of the walls voicing objections. It was no different with our lawyers until we made them understand that there was almost zero risk. How did we convince them?

It was easy.


High-Quality Everything!

Offering a lifetime workmanship warranty on a new roof is considered insane by almost every expert you ask. The scope of the job, they say. The potential for errors, they cry. They point their fingers here, there, and everywhere – every direction but at themselves.


What A Warranty Really Means.

A warranty is a promise. Partly a promise by the roofing contractor to the client, but it’s more a promise to themselves. After all, no contractor likes doing warranty work. It costs money directly, but it also costs them money that the crew isn’t making working on a paid project.

So, most contractors only warranty their work for the period they are certain it will hold up. That means that a limited period warranty is telling you, in writing, that this contractor’s work can’t be trusted beyond this point. It says our faith in our work stops here.


High-Quality Materials.

If you use high-quality materials that are designed to work together, warranting your work for life is a no-brainer. And if you don’t trust the material you are using, why are you installing it into people’s homes?

We don’t sell anything that we don’t believe in 100%. Ever.

High-Quality People.

Too many roofing companies operate on pure body count, thinking any idiot can swing a hammer 30 feet in the air. While this is true, that doesn’t mean they are hitting the right thing at the right time in the right way.

We’ve found that hiring good people and teaching them what to smack, when to smack it, and even why it needs to happen that way has a dramatic effect on workmanship quality.

Then, we pay them a fair wage, so they are willing to stick around. After doing that for several decades, you end up with an amazing workforce that you know will do the job right every single time.


High-Quality Processes.

One of the biggest mistakes roofers make is mixing brands. We call that building Frankenstein roofs, and the result is about as positive as it was in the book.

A roof is more than just a bunch of shingles slapped over some plywood. Roofing manufacturers have worked hard to engineer roofing systems that will stand up to the test of time.

Each manufacturer has its own underlayment, seals, shingles, and supplemental parts. They are all designed to puzzle together in harmony, with each component enhancing the strengths of the next. Certain components of one manufacturer are less expensive than those of another.

Roofers who do Frankenstein roofs buy the cheapest version of each component and then throw them all together into a monstrous roof stew. The worst of these jumbled roofing systems fail within seven years.

We never mix manufacturers for our roof systems. And we never sell a system we don’t believe in completely. Even at different price points, it is possible to only sell quality systems, so that’s what we do.


It Comes Down To Faith.

We can confidently offer lifetime workmanship warranties because we believe in our people, our process, and the products that we sell. And if a roof does have an issue caused by an error on our end, making it right is simply the right thing to do.

So, deciding to offer a lifetime workmanship warranty wasn’t just easy; it was the only possible course for us to take. We’ve always known we had the best installers, best process, and the best products in the industry. The warranty is nothing more than our way of acknowledging the truth. We believe completely in who we are and what we do.

If you need to replace the roof on your Chicagoland home and want it guaranteed for life, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote today.

How Our Process Makes Us The Best Remodeling Contractors In The Business

How Our Process Makes Us The Best Remodeling Contractors In The Business

Smiling Remodeler

Remodeling your Chicagoland area home, whether it involves siding, roofing, windows, or even refacing your kitchen cabinets, is an endeavor that includes many moving parts working in sync. At any point in a remodeling project, there are dozens of ways for it to go off track. It takes a careful plan to make it all come together without a hitch.


How Things Used To Be.

Long ago, before we learned there was a better way, our estimates were broad guesses, our ordering system was haphazard, and our scheduling was nearly spur-of-the-moment.

The result was chaos. We still did high-quality work for a fair price, but there was no telling where or when we’d have what we needed to get the job done. Customers had even less of a clue when their project would begin, which left their lives at the mercy of our barely-there supply system. It was no way to run a business.

Change Is Good.

As control of our company moved to the 3rd generation, we brought our acceptance of modern systems with us. We introduced new technology at every level and created a process geared toward eliminating delays, eliminating waste, and generating a positive experience for every customer.

After a lot of experimenting, we settled on a series of steps that every remodeling project must go through. Now, we offer the best service to be found anywhere in the business.


The Process Perfected.

Our process is why we get so many five-star reviews. Our process is why we are recognized nationally as a home remodeling company everyone should try to emulate. Our process is why our customers get top-notch results, and our workers are some of the happiest installers in the nation.



The next day after you sign the agreement for your home remodeling project, you will receive a welcome call. During this call, we’ll thank you for bringing us on board and then verify every single part of your project. We will also find out your preferred method of contact (text, email, or voice) and note it in your file for future communication. Last, we will set up a date for us to come out and remeasure and inspect the area that is to be remodeled.

A 72 hour grace period when you can cancel the project without incurring fees will start after the remeasure and inspection visit.


Check And Check Again.

Once the remeasuring has been done, our project manager will verify all the details match with the original order. They will then contact you to go over the details one more time and tell you when they plan on submitting the order. The order is usually placed within 48 hours of this conversation.


Quick And Flexible Installation Schedules.

Once the order has been fulfilled, the Production Coordinator will contact you to schedule the installation. Instead of telling you the date for installation, they will seek to find the date that works best for you. The approximate amount of time that will pass between the handshake and installation varies per project type as follows:

  • Roof Replacement – 10 Days.
  • Window Replacement – 4 Weeks.
  • Cabinet Refacing – 6 Week

The installations themselves can take anywhere from two days to a week or so, depending on the extent of the project.


Installation Day.

On installation day, the crews will arrive early and ready to start working. Before they do anything else, they will encase the work area to protect the rest of your home from any dust the work might kick up.

The workers will all be presentable, polite, and respectful of your home at all times. They will also have to verify that all of their certifications are up to date before they can touch a single tool.

Roving foremen visit every Krumwiede worksite throughout the day to check on the work and help with any problems that may have cropped up. Each crew also has an experienced crew leader, ensuring that each step is done according to manufacturer recommendations.


It’s Not Complete Until You Say So.

Once every step has been done, and the cleanup is completed, the job is still not over. Our Project Manager will walk the remodeling project with you and go through a punch list while ensuring each item has been handled to your satisfaction. If you both agree that you have a perfectly completed home remodeling project, then and only then is the installation considered finished. However, our work is still not done.


Following Up.

After you’ve had some time to use your new space and test it out, we will contact you for a follow-up interview. We will ask you if you are still happy with our work, what you felt went well during the remodeling process and what you might improve in our place. Your answers are then fed back into our system, and, if needed, we will recommend changes to improve the experience for the next customer.

After the question and answer session, we will give you information about our referral reward program.


Looking Ahead

This process has served our clients and us wonderfully, giving all involved a smooth and enjoyable home remodeling experience. However, that isn’t to say things can’t be improved. Our follow-up sessions guide us toward an even better process in the future. Probably the most important part of our process is the invitation for change. We will never stop trying to improve our customer’s experience.

If you are considering remodeling your Chicagoland area home and want to enjoy a smooth process in the bargain, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote.

Why Our Customers Love Our Obsession With Project Updates

If You Work With Us, Either You Know Where Your Project Stands Or You Aren’t Paying Attention

Keeping Informed
Few things are more nerve-wracking for a homeowner than silence from their contractor. Remodeling work, after all, is an activity based on trust, a level of trust that is uncomfortable no matter who is involved. We get that. More, we get that it is on us to make you comfortable with the process.


No News Is… Disastrous

Radio silence might be great for Special Operators sneaking up on the bad guys, but it is a terrible way to operate a remodeling company. Problems are given room to grow, trust falls apart, and chaos ensues.

Let’s look at the process from the homeowners’ point of view. They have hired a company to:


  • Tear down part of their home
  • Troop total strangers through their home
  • Create a massive mess
  • Install the selected products correctly
  • Put their home back together better than before
  • Do it all within the promised timeline

All of this requires a tremendous amount of trust. The homeowner is, quite literally, at the mercy of their contractor. If there isn’t a functional communication system in place, insecurity can turn into active distrust in a heartbeat.


Trust Is Difficult To Earn And Easy To Lose

As you can see by the above list, it’s amazing that anyone is willing to hire a remodeling contractor. Yet, it happens all day, every day, and with amazing results. But the initial trust that leads to signing on the dotted line is a fragile thing. One backed by hope, not faith. Any hiccup in the project’s process can shatter that trust if the homeowner is kept in the dark.

Companies that try to hide problems from homeowners are like toddlers. And, cute as they are, only a fool trusts a toddler to point out their mistakes. They are short-sighted that way, and so are those companies.

On the other hand, if you keep the homeowner in the loop from day one, their comfort level with the process will grow. If you do it right, they’ll find the whole thing a pleasant experience. And when that hiccup comes? Well, almost anything can be forgiven if they are forewarned or given notice as soon as it happens. That’s just human nature.


Earning Your Trust

We know that we have your trust to start, or else you wouldn’t have hired us to do your project. But we also know that it’s our job to keep earning that trust. And the easiest and best way to do that is to keep you informed about absolutely everything each step of the way.

We Don’t Even Wait One Day To Start The Process


Unfortunately, some companies won’t contact you for weeks, not until they want to set the installation date. We think it’s insane to allow possible errors to grow without a single attempt at verification.

The day after you sign on with us, you will get a Welcome Call thanking you for putting your trust in us and welcoming you into the fold. This conversation is followed by a call from our Production department to verify the details of your project.

You Are Our Focus

We also find out your preferred mode of communication, be it email, text, or that odd phone talking thing the older set likes to do, and make sure all future updates come to you in your preferred form. At every point, your comfort is job #1.

We Mean It When We Say ‘Every Step’

There may come a point when you wish we were less dedicated to Crystal Clear Communication as we wear out your phone, but double and triple-checking measurements and design decisions are the keys to an error-free project.

If there is an inaccuracy, it will get caught before it has a chance to affect the next step, which can prevent lengthy delays from having to backtrack on our work to fix a mistake.

Information Overload Has Benefits

While you might feel a tad harassed by the flow of information coming from our office, you’ll also learn to enjoy the benefits of always being aware of your project’s progress.

Your Friends Will Think You’re Psychic

How many times have you heard family or friends say, “I don’t know,” when you ask about their remodeling project? You, on the other hand, will be able to answer with confidence. “The tile is arriving today, and the inspector is due in two days” is a lot more fun to say than “I dunno.”

You will be the least surprised person in the neighborhood for the duration of your remodel.

Yoga Has Nothing On Being Informed


We don’t care how much yoga you do or how many times you meditate; if you are in the dark about the state of your remodeling project, you’ll be in a constant state of tension.

But when you are up to date on every little detail, the whole thing becomes a pleasure. You’ll spend the whole time being cool as the proverbial cucumber.

And that is our goal. We want you to enjoy your remodel and smile when you talk about the experience days, months, or years later.

If you plan to remodel your Chicagoland area home and prefer to always know where your project stands, contact us atKrumwiede Home Prosto schedule a consultation.

What To Expect When You Hire

What To Expect When You Hire Krumwiede Home Pros

It Is Definitely No Accident That Our Customers Rave About Our Professionalism – We Planned It That Way

Do you know why there are so many home remodeling nightmare stories out there?

The root problem is a lack of professionalism in the home remodeling industry. To many guys think a truck, a mobile phone, and some tools is enough to run a business.

The sad truth is most home remodeling contractors have absolutely no process or professionally trained staff to make a project go smoothly.

Everything is handled “on the fly” and you can pretty much guess how that will end up 9 times out of 10. It’s why there is so much miscommunication and disappointment with home remodeling projects.


Here’s What Makes The Difference When You Hire Krumwiede Home Pros

If you go to Google Reviews and read what our customers say about us online, you’ll probably notice that A LOT of the reviews mention our professionalism. That’s no accident – we have a professional process that is completely planned out.

Here’s the recipe for our success:

  • We have a true team (not a bunch of temporary laborers)
  • We have a real office (not just a truck and a mobile phone)
  • And we have a proven process to make sure projects go smoothly (and a way to handle issues if they do come up)

Here’s what you can expect when you hire Krumwiede Home Pros

  1. A customer service representative will give you Our Welcome Aboard Call the day after you made your purchase to guide you on the next steps and answer any questions.
  2. Within 48 hours, a team member from our Production Department will call you with approximate installation dates. They’ll also schedule a pre-job inspection within a few days of your purchase if needed. If not needed, they just go over the contract and finance details.
  3. If a pre-job inspection is necessary, our experts will visit to double-check everything important. We verify everything from colors to measurements, and also make sure things like financing and other paperwork are done correctly. 
  4. During the installation, our craftsmen will work on your project and treat your home with respect. Our installers have a daily jobsite cleanup routine, and a more thorough cleanup routine upon completion of the job. As your projects move along, we may have project managers stopping by to check on the progress of the job. Representatives of our marketing team may stop by to take some pictures and reviews. 
  5. The job is NOT considered complete until the foreman or production manager walks the job with YOU and makes sure every promise in the contract has been fulfilled and the clean-up is to your satisfaction. Please be available that day!
  6. A few days after your project is done, our installation survey coordinator will call you to ask how we did from start to finish. 
  7. If we’ve earned it, we’d love for you to consider leaving us a happy online review and refer us to others. Many of our customers also get a picture with our 100% satisfied sign. 


And What You Can Expect From Most Other Contractors In The Chicagoland Suburbs? NONE OF THE ABOVE

We’re not trying to badmouth all other home improvement companies in the Chicagoland suburbs – there are some other quality companies out there.

But you deserve to know the truth: the majority of contractors don’t worry about any of the above steps – they have no thought-out process at all.

Even the ones that do have some kind of process don’t have the ‘start-to-finish, nothing-is-overlooked’ process of Krumwiede Home Pros.

Want proof? Our customers are happy to leave us positive 5-star reviews that frequently mention our communication and professionalism.

(For more on our reviews, please visit our article How Much Should Online Reviews Matter When Choosing A Chicagoland Suburbs Home Improvement Company?).


What To Expect From Us If Something Goes Wrong

Even with all our processes, we’d love to tell you that nothing ever goes wrong. But, of course, we’re human and we do occasionally have problems come up.

Here’s where we further separate ourselves from other contractors. Many home remodeling companies are more comfortable ducking calls and telling you “we’ll come take a look at it when we have a chance” than they are in solving an issue.

We take the EXACT opposite approach. Problems here are treated as an ‘all-hands on deck’ situation. Our production department springs into action and gets the right team members in place to take care of any issues with a fast, appropriate response.


Ready To Start The Process?

It’s easy to get started – just get on our schedule and we’ll come talk to you about your project. We give free quotes in the Chicagoland suburbs for the following projects: windows, kitchen cabinet re-styling, roofing, siding, doors, and gutters.  

Our quotes are good for one full year, which means there’s no pressure on you and you have time to plan and budget. We make it easy!

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Happy Customers
Some Kind Words from a Few Recent Clients
Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
Ken Beazley
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Job was done very professionally and accurate. All reps from Krumwiede were courteous & professional. Thanks so much and will contact Krumwiede for future projects!
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
Michael Schulz
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Krumwiede Home Pros completed such a great job with my kitchen cabinets and if anyone ever asked me, I would be happy to recommend them as they were fantastic.
Jeremey O'Neil
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