Kitchen Remodeling vs Refacing

Kitchen Remodeling vs Refacing

Kitchen Remodeling vs Refacing: Which Makes More Sense For Chicagoland Homeowners?

And What Is Refacing,


Refaced kitchen with white cabinets and dark counters

Many Chicagoland homeowners are, right this second, looking at their kitchens and thinking, “Meh.” They’re unhappy with the tired, drab look of the room and really wouldn’t mind a more modern feel to the space. Most would make the mistake of thinking that only a full remodel will give them the kitchen they want, and most would be wrong. You actually have two choices: a full remodel or just refacing the kitchen.

The Full Kitchen Remodel

A full kitchen remodel is an extensive reimagining of your cooking space from the ground up. Your kitchen is stripped down to the subfloor, and all new cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, and appliances are installed in a new, modern floor plan for maximum efficiency. The process can take over a month, during which you won’t have access to your kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing

Refacing is about a lot more than just your cabinet doors. When your kitchen is refaced, you keep the shells of your cabinetry and give them a new look with modern DuraCore doors, fresh hardware, and new features like soft-close rails or slide-out shelving. You can also rearrange your cabinetry to create a better flow to your kitchen and even install new counter space and new countertops. This process can be accomplished in as little as three days.

Comparing Kitchen Remodeling With Refacing

We’re the first to acknowledge that a full kitchen remodel can yield amazingly beautiful results, but so can refacing your kitchen. In terms of practical, day-to-day usage, most homeowners wouldn’t notice much difference between the two methods.

Before we get into the differences, let’s talk about what’s the same with either option. In either kitchen remodeling or kitchen refacing, you can:

  • Pick from a wide array of colors and styles
  • Replace the flooring
  • Add modern conveniences like a lazy susan or slide-out shelves
  • Rearrange the cabinetry
  • Change the location and type of appliances
  • Add an island
  • Replace the countertops
  • Improve the flow

All of the above changes are possible no matter which method you choose to update your kitchen. Now, let’s look at some of the differences between remodeling and refacing.

Kitchen Remodeling

With a full kitchen remodel, you may have to live without your kitchen for up to a month or even longer, and the cost is up to twice the cost of refacing your kitchen. There is also a good chance that you will have to deal with multiple contractors throughout the process with such a major undertaking.

Also, the cabinet materials, unless you have them custom-made, will almost always be of a lower quality than what you had removed. New cabinets just aren’t as durable as the ones they made even as little as 20 years ago.

However, you can completely change the floor plan of your kitchen, even moving your plumbing to accommodate a modern flow. You can even include things like new windows in new locations if that’s your desire.

A kitchen remodel is a blank slate with only the shape of the walls and the size of the space hemming in your imagination. And, in truth, walls can be moved, too. It’s just a question of how much money you want to spend and how long you can stand to be without your kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing can create just as dramatic a change in your kitchen as a remodel will, but without throwing away those old, better-built cabinet shells. The only place a refacing falls short is that most contractors don’t want to do any serious plumbing or electrical work, which takes moving your sink out of the equation.

During the refacing, your cabinet doors will be replaced with DuraCore doors that are remarkably strong and almost impervious to heat and grease. While you get to keep the old, better-made shells, you don’t need to keep the old tech that came with them.

Modern tech, like soft-closing glides for the drawers and other easy-access features, can be added to your old cabinets to go with their new, modern look. Also, all the hardware can be replaced, and you can even change from visible to hidden hinges if you’d like. In short, you get all the looks and modern conveniences of brand new cabinets, but without their high price tag and lower build quality.

The top two features of kitchen refacing are the short build time – as little as three days – and the lower cost – from 30-50% cheaper than a remodel.

So What Does It All Mean?

All of the above comparisons offer us a few conclusions.

  1. If you are looking to move windows and get rid of walls, remodeling your kitchen is the way to go.
  2. If you don’t mind that the sink, windows, and walls will stay where they are, refacing is worth serious consideration.
  3. If time and money are important factors in your decision-making process, then refacing your kitchen is the way to go.
  4. The end result of refacing or remodeling your kitchen will provide a dramatic and beautiful change and will feel about the same in function.

If you think refacing the kitchen in your Chicagoland home is the choice for you, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Don’t Need a Full Kitchen Cabinet Replacement? Consider Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Sometimes your kitchen just needs a little touch-up. It has all the bones that you like, the right appliances, the right amount of storage space. The problem is that it just looks a little faded, or maybe your tastes have changed, and you find you no longer like the design of your kitchen. Often, kitchen remodels don’t require a complete gut job. A simple cabinet refacing could be just what you need. But this can be an unfamiliar term to many homeowners. What is cabinet refacing? And how much of a difference does it really make in your home?

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing, or cabinet refacing, is a remodeling project that involves removing the old cabinet doors and other surfaces. This is a popular alternative to kitchen cabinet replacement, which would involve taking out the cabinets and drawers completely and replacing them with new cabinets and drawers. It can help give your kitchen a fresh new look or a different feel without any major renovations.

white kitchen cabinets

It’s not just cabinet doors, however. The sides of the cabinets are also often skinned, sanded down, and refinished, in order to better suit the look you want for your kitchen cabinets. After all, the sides of your cabinets can become as scuffed or worn down as the rest.

You might need cabinet refacing if your cabinet doors were scratched and damaged, or if you have glass cabinet doors that have broken. Cabinet doors that have become faded or dented can call for cabinet refacing, and drawer surfaces that have become difficult to open or have lost handles might require cabinet refacing.

There doesn’t even have to be anything wrong with the cabinet surfaces. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of taste. Maybe you moved into a home with kitchen cabinet doors you despised, or maybe you once liked the look of your cabinet doors, but your tastes have since changed. Maybe you’re looking for something more accessible or more child-friendly.

While some homeowners might default to full cabinet replacements, they’re not always necessary. Often a cabinet refacing will fix the cosmetic issues that you have with your kitchen…for much less cost and with much less time spent on the project. That means you can get back to enjoying your kitchen — and your new kitchen cabinet surfaces — sooner.

Cabinet refacing Cost

Kitchen cabinet refacing is more affordable than a full kitchen remodel or a kitchen cabinet replacement by far. However, the cost can vary, anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000, including the materials and the labor. That’s still far cheaper than a cabinet replacement, which can cost as much as $40,000.

While DIY cabinet refacing projects are an option and many homeowners expect them to be cheaper, they may cost more if the products are damaged during installation and need to be replaced. A professional kitchen remodeler will be able to replace any products or fix any property damage at no further cost to you, as well as offering the expertise to ensure the job is done right — at no stress to you.

Pros and Cons of Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing comes with a wide range of benefits. For one thing, it is a more affordable remodeling option than a full kitchen gut job or even a kitchen cabinet replacement. It takes less time than both of these projects, so your daily life will be less disrupted. But for all of that, the effects are impactful. Your kitchen cabinets will look brand new with their fresh, clean surfaces, while still retaining all the things you loved about them before. If you love the storage space of your kitchen and just wish that it looked a little newer, a cabinet refacing project is the best way to go.

However, cabinet refacing is not always the best option for every homeowner. In some cases, if your cabinets themselves are damaged, you may need a full cabinet replacement. If you need more storage — or you need to move the position of your cabinets, you’ll still need to do so, regardless of the surfaces. It’s best to consult your remodeling pro to determine whether you need cabinet refacing or something else.

Are you interested in cabinet refacing for your home? Krumwiede Home Pros can help. We can reface and restyle your cabinets for your Chicagoland home. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free estimate.

What Is Cabinet Refacing And Does It Last?

A full kitchen before and after cabinet refacing, with before looking crowded and tired and after looking bright and fresh
Cabinet refacing is often confused with refinishing, the less thorough cousin of the home remodeling world. It’s an unfortunate reality that refinishing sounds more permanent than refacing since that’s the opposite of the truth. Consider refinishing as painting the door of your Chicagoland home and refacing as replacing that door with a better one, and you’ll be closer to the facts.


What Happens When You Reface Cabinets?

Cabinet refacing has many levels, especially in the kitchen. In fact, it could be more aptly named as kitchen refacing at the most thorough level, but that would become confusing, so we stick to the single term no matter how far we take it.


The Cabinets

It should come as no surprise that cabinet refacing starts with the cabinets. First, the doors and drawer fronts are removed and tossed out or recycled, never to return. Later in the process, they are replaced with high-quality materials of a design picked out by the homeowner.

Then, all hardware is removed and set aside, leaving just the boxes and shelves that make up the shell and interior of the cabinets.

Next, the shells are thoroughly cleaned and abraded to ready them for a new surface veneer chosen by the homeowner. It can match or contrast the new doors or even clash with them for a unique new look.

When we are done, all exposed sides and door frames will have a fresh new look.


The Doors

We replace all doors with DuraCore products, which are impervious to kitchen heat and resistant to grease and staining. They are also much stronger than standard cabinet doors and come in a variety of designs and colors.


The Drawers

Each drawer front is replaced with superior materials that match the rest of the doors in the kitchen perfectly.


The Gadgets

Along with new facing, you can add soft-close glides to the drawers and even have sliding shelves replace the original shelves in each cabinet. You can also get better use out of your corner cabinets by having us install lazy susans, turning unused space into handy storage.


The Hardware

You can use your old hinges and pulls or elect to replace them with new hardware to finish the new look of your cabinets.


Extra Steps

For a completely new look for your kitchen, you can replace your old countertops with beautiful new ones in rich quartz.

We can also relocate your cabinets to allow you to move or enclose large appliances like your refrigerator.


How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

We know that it sounds like a ton of work, and it is, but cabinet refacing is fast. The average kitchen can be refaced, including relocations and new countertops, in no more than a few days. Measured against the weeks it would take to do a full replacement, refacing is lightning quick.


But Does It Last?

Since we are using veneers instead of paint or varnish, your cabinet’s new look will last for decades. We only use the highest-quality materials when refacing cabinets, so we can trust them to last as long as our lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about your cabinets ever again.


And Here’s The Kicker

One of the big secrets that kitchen remodelers don’t want you to know is that cabinet refacing gives you an entirely new look to your kitchen for a little over half the price of a full replacement. Also, modern cabinets are weaker and less durable than the cabinets from even 20 years ago, which makes cabinet refacing a win-win every time!

If you want a new look for your kitchen and want to explore refacing your cabinets, contact us at Krumwiede Home Pros for a free quote.

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