Siding Product Choices

If You Choose The Right Siding Material Now,

You’ll Never Have To Replace It Again

Here’s The Quick Guide To Siding Choices For Chicagoland Suburb Homeowners

Whatever siding material you choose will directly impact the energy efficiency of your home, as well as how much maintenance you’ll have to do in the future. And, of course, the curb appeal of your siding can also make a big difference in the value of your home.

So this is a choice you want to get right the first time!

Let’s look at some common choices you have in materials:

The 4 Main Siding Choices Today


‘Cost Effective’ Vinyl

The only reason to choose cheap vinyl siding is exactly that: it’s cheap. But actually it’s not, because it comes at a heavy price later:

  • It’s cheap up front but considering you’re very likely to have to replace it again, it’s not the cost-effective choice in the long run.
  • It can lessen the perceived value of your home, making it harder to sell for what it should be worth.
  • Cheap vinyl looks plastic.
  • These kind of lesser quality vinyl products will chalk, peel, and fade.
  • Contractors willing to install ‘cost-effective’ vinyl are also likely to cut corners with installation and hire temporary laborers. The truth is lousy products are often installed to lousy standards.

Fiber Cement (James Hardie is the typical choice in this material)

James Hardie fiber cement siding can give you attractive results, but not always for the long term. Here are some common issues:

  • Installation is difficult and if you don’t get the exact right crew, it probably won’t be done right.
  • Don’t expect to be able to make small repairs on your own – it is too difficult to work with.
  • It can peel, crack, and chip; plus it requires painting to maintain a fresh appearance.
  • It absorbs moisture, which can lead to mold and even rot.
  • It is not energy efficient. In some cases a foam layer can be added underneath, but this often complicates installation, making it even more likely there will be problems.
  • You cannot use it all the way to the roof line or all the way to the ground.

Wood (LP is the typical brand choice in this material)

LP siding can look good and it usually has good impact resistance, but it also has several drawbacks:

  • The warranty is not very long because it’s wood. It’s usually about 5 years of decent coverage, and then it declines rapidly.
  • It has been known to “flake off.” This makes it more likely to have damage and insect infestation because it’s outer protection is peeling.
  • The energy-efficiency of LP siding cannot match foam-backed vinyl siding. The R-value of foam backed choices will be double of more that of LP.
  • You have to paint it to keep it looking fresh.
  • You cannot use it all the way to the roof line or all the way to the ground.
  • As a wood product it is more susceptible to fire.
  • Tends to look better in magazines; up close it has small gaps that make it look choppy.

Premium Quality Vinyl Siding

We highly recommend premium quality vinyl siding from Preservation. It is just as attractive as James Hardie or LP but is a lot more durable and has virtually no maintenance.

  • This is foam backed product, making it structurally sound and very energy efficient compared to other siding choices. (It also makes for a quieter home!).
  • Preservation siding panels are 4 feet longer than typical panels, giving it a more seamless appearance
  • There is NO painting – this is a virtually maintenance free product. Just wash it occasionally at most.
  • Our siding is hail resistant – that’s very important with our local climate!
  • It is a lifetime product – you’ll have zero worries about infestation, rot, or warping. And the foam backing has Preventol, a special non-toxic material that prevents pests and termites.
  • This is a high-quality premium vinyl with a rich appearance. Homeowners love the choices, especially the available wood grains.
  • No face nails are used and the ‘stack lock’ installation method creates seamless connections.
  • There’s a WIDE selection of colors and styles – we’ll help you get something you absolutely LOVE.

How To Find Out More About Siding In The Chicagoland Suburbs

Our consultations and quotes are educational and professional. We come to appointments on time and prepared to give you real information about siding. There’s no risk or obligation.

If you want a reliable experience, why not call on the A+ rated, award-winning siding company in the Chicagoland suburbs? We’ve been in business for 68+ years and have thousands of happy customers. Reach out for your free quote today.

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