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bow window arlington heightsWindows are essential parts of your home. They are available in different styles such as single-hung, double-hung, casement, and more. If you’re looking for a bigger window that can really open up the room, consider buying bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL. This window type extends from the wall of your home to create an illusion of space.

Why You Should Install Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

If you’re planning on replacing your existing panes, it’s important to find a type that will give you the most benefits. Bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL are not only elegant-looking but also offer the following advantages once you install them in your home:

  • Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL Add Value to Your Home

Most homeowners choose bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL because of their clean, modern look. They increase the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as create a feeling of additional space. Whether you look at them from the outside or the inside, bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL improve the overall appearance of your home and add to its resale value.

  • Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL Allow Natural Light to Enter Your Home

Typically consisting of three panels or more, bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL offer panoramic views. Because they comprise of more than one window of the same size, bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL will allow light to enter your home from multiple directions at the same time.

  • Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL Provide Proper Ventilation

Because bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL consist of more than one operating panel, air can properly circulate your home. These panels can be made with casements that open outwards with a crank or of single-hung or double-hung windows that move on tracks. Bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL are usually left bare so light and air can naturally enter.

  • Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL Are Versatile

Due to their unique design, bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL are used to enhance the appearance of modern homes. Depending on your preference, you can choose to install your bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL in areas such as the bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

Replacing your windows is an investment. That’s why before you proceed with buying bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL, there are some things you need to look into: 

The Contractor Who Will Install the Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

The installation process affects the longevity and functionality of bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL. To make sure that they can serve their purpose for a long time, your bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL should be installed by a professional contractor. 

The Materials of Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

Check the materials used in the frame and glass before buying bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL. For frames, you’d want something durable, easy to maintain, and lasts long, like vinyl. Look for bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL with energy-efficient glass to help you save on your heating and cooling bills. 

The Space Where You Will Install Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

Knowing where to install your bow windows in Arlington Heights, IL will affect its function in your home. For example, if you want to wake up to the bright sun rays, place bow windows in the bedroom and put the mattress against the middle panel. 

Let Experts Install Your Bow Windows in Arlington Heights, IL

Here at Krumwiede Home Pros, we offer expert installation services and top-of-the-line products for numerous window styles. We source our collection of windows from reputable manufacturers such as Pella and Alside, so you can rest assured that we only use products of the highest quality. If you feel that it’s time to replace your windows, entrust the job to us. Schedule a free consultation today.

Highest-Rated Home Improvement Solutions Company

When it comes to home improvement projects, working with a professional ensures the quality of the output. Their work promotes safety and lasts for a long time.

At Krumwiede Home Pros, we are that kind of professionals who offer reliable construction services that make your house look good as new. Since 1953, we have helped property owners in Barrington, IL. From simple issues to major renovations, we always provide our clients with the best solutions. We at Krumwiede Home Pros adhere to one simple approach: to give high priority to our client’s interests.

Experienced Professionals Offering the Best Work and Materials

Krumwiede Home Pros is a family-owned business that aims to offer excellent services at reasonable costs. We ensure a smooth transaction process throughout the entire project. From the initial discussion of the project up to the finished product, we involve our clients in decision-making.

Over the years, we’ve developed our best practices on how to install home replacement parts. We have also learned to work only with reputable manufacturers. Here is a detailed list of the services and materials we provide:

  • We Attach Sidings to Home Exteriors

When it comes to replacing the sidings of a property, we always work according to what our clients want. At the same time, we still advise them with our insights and suggestions.

Among our selection, we highly recommend our vinyl and fiber cement sidings. They are two of our top-quality materials.  We can also offer to customize them for a unique appearance.

Krumwiede Home Pros can also do the installation, so the new sidings our clients choose are properly attached. During the process, we always follow the manufacturer-recommended guidelines for quality results.

  • We Install Replacement Windows

At Krumwiede Home Pros, our beautiful materials and products are what our clients love about us. We have numerous selections for windows, such as double hung and bay types. Expect our staff to assist you when you visit our store.

Our products and installation services also come with lifetime warranty protection. You can also count on us should you want to pursue an upgrade in the future.

  • We Revamp Entryways and Patios With Personalized Exterior Doors

A well-designed exterior door makes a good impression for guests and even passersby. The good thing is that we can customize its design according to preferred styles and preferences. Our team will make sure that the desired final look will be achieved.

  • We Provide Solutions for Any Roofing Issue

Most of our clients open up several concerns about their property’s roofing. We will see to it that these will be addressed.

Before providing our services, we conduct a free roof evaluation to determine what kind of service is needed. If the situation calls for a replacement, our customers will be asked to choose from asphalt, wood, concrete, slate, and more.

  • We Build Reliable Gutter Systems to Prevent Water Damage

Rain can create cracks in your home. Eventually, water will leak inside. To prevent this, gutters should be installed to channel water away. However, they can also be clogged by debris, such as leaves and snow.

Krumwiede Home Pros offers options for gutter protection. We have our Raindrop Gutter Guard and Bulldog Gutter Guard. They work in different ways, but they both assure that rainwater will smoothly flow.

Improve Your Property With the Help of Krumwiede Home Pros Today

If you need help with construction and renovation projects, it’s important that you know who to hire as a reliable contractor. This is where Krumwiede Home Pros comes in. We’re a highly-rated home improvement solutions company that guarantees only the best results possible.

We are always ready to hear your ideas and to share our expertise to help you out. Check out our services today! If you have any inquiries or you want to request quotes, feel free to reach out to us!

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Very smooth process throughout the entire project, from sales, to finished product. Professional beyond the usual experience of this type. Considering the installation and product quality, pricing is fair. A solid company.
Ken Beazley
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Job was done very professionally and accurate. All reps from Krumwiede were courteous & professional. Thanks so much and will contact Krumwiede for future projects!
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I purchased windows from Krumweide and they were installed last week. The windows are top quality and the installation process went very smoothly and quickly. Local permits and inspections were handled/arranged by Krumweide as well. I'm very pleased with my experience.
Michael Schulz
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Krumwiede Home Pros completed such a great job with my kitchen cabinets and if anyone ever asked me, I would be happy to recommend them as they were fantastic.
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